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Helping Communities Thrive
Through Healthy Food Programs

End Hunger in Your Area with Our Organization

Caring Neighbors is currently looking for gracious donors to help the less fortunate across the state of California and Florida. When you choose to make a compassionate contribution, you can rest assured knowing you are truly helping your neighborhood become a healthier, happier place.


Donation Information

Along with monetary donations, we are looking for companies to lend us their kitchen space to prepare the nutritious meals we distribute. We are also in need of individuals who wish to volunteer. Please contact us for further details.

Contributions will be used to purchase groceries that will be delivered to the elderly and families who can't make the weekly trip to community food banks, as well as to take care of our cooks, drivers, and other front-office staff.  Our long term goal is to have a fleet of Caring Neighbors refrigerated and foodie trucks serving the state of California.

Our mobile foodie trucks that will service the elderly and children with nutritious meals, that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner by communities invitation. We bring our foodie trucks to your community, allowing each person to select their favorite nutritional food choices; to be cooked on-demand at NO CHARGE.

Besides conveniently donating through our website, our organization partnered with Givelify. This is a free app that can be downloaded to donate a tax-exempt gift to our organization. Another option for donating is PayPal. Donors can also mail contributions to our organization, making check payable to Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc.

We thank you for your support,

LaRoman & Natalie

Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc.



Announcements & Events

1. 2018 One Dollar Summer Fundraiser Campaign

Partner with Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc. on the 1st of June 2018, as we open our Northern California West Coast Office with a One Dollar Funraiser Campaign. We are  preparing for our 2nd Annual FREE Pre-Thanksgiving meal event and we need your help in securing local community centers within the counties of Northern California. 

Your contribution will also help in securing a local restaurant to cater the service required for the event. If you know of a community within the Northern California areas that can benefit from the service we provide, please contact our West Coast office at our toll free number 855-825-3861. 

Donate by clicking on the Givelify donation button or donate via PayPal by clicking on the donation button, using Givelify enter your $1.00 amount in the "other" amount box and proceed to the next page.

With your one dollar donation per day, $365.00 per year, we can purchase the groceries and/or have a local cafe catered the event at a local church or community center. There are NO zip code restriction, NO social security number requirement. Your donation will help us reach our goal of purchasing our first mobile foodie and refrigerator delivery truck.

Thank you for supporting Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc. Outreach.

2. Caring Neighbors Enterprise Vocal Ensemble

CNE, Inc. will be conducting auditions for the CNE Vocal Ensemble. If you are interested in being apart of CNE vocal ensemble, please contact LaRoman at 408-469-4065. This ensemble will be called upon to perform at CNE, Inc. benefit events and the 2018 Christmas In the Park, Downtown San Jose, Ca. Musicians are also welcome to audition.

3. Kingdom Family Resource's Benefit Concert

CNE, Inc. will be partnering with Kingdom Family Resource ( on the 10th of August 2018 in Gilroy Ca.