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The rising tide floats all boats, and when we help our neighbors that are most in need, the whole neighborhood thrives. Showing compassion and lending a hand to the people around you shows true camaraderie and helps the area become safer and happier. Caring Neighbors based in Milpitas, California, is an organization focused on caring for communities throughout the state of California by providing food truck programs to feed those who are in need. By partnering with other companies, we can give back and build a successful societies.

"Children are the most vulnerable group"-Marie Bernard, Executive Director of Sunnyvale Community Services.

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Our goal is to provide help for the state of California and Florida.
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About Us

At Caring Neighbors, our mission is to serve the needs of the the elderly,  children, and families, by providing full and healthy meals to those in need, we know we can help develop happier neighborhoods.

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Our  organization utilize over 30 years of experience in community work to reach those in need. Our primary goal is be a helping hand to the community, and we need your help. For your support, we will add your company logo to our vehicles and trucks as sponsors. Contact us today to find out how you can assist.

Thank you to all the donors who have contributed during the starts of our One Dollar Fundraiser Campaign. One Dollar can go a long ways, when compassionate donors like you come together to feed a community.
-LaRoman Geen, Executive Director

Mission Statement

Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc. is an operation that will strive to excel in the development of a Community Resource Center that provides compassionate service through the implementation of food assistance programs that cater to the needs of individuals, families and children, by providing year-round nutritional food choices to communities through mobile foodie and refrigerated delivery trucks. We also believe in developing beneficial partnerships with other local and city organizations.

News Flash
Silicon Valley has reached a perfect storm with more families living on the edge, according to officials from two non-profits agencies that provide food, housing and support services to low-income individuals and families in the region. Hunger is widespread and the number of poor and homeless in the valley is rising. The leading cause of hunger and food insecurity is the high cost of housing in the region. People have to choose between rent and food. To rent a 2-bedroom unit in Santa Clara County, you need an hourly wage of $48.50 or 3.2 fulltime jobs. The cost of living is so high that a family of four in Santa Clara County earning $84,750 or less is considered low income when determining eligibility for government assisted housing.

(Article from June 29, 2018 edition of the Milpitas Post)


Thank you, Savory Kitchen, 754 The Alameda, San Jose, Ca. for the use of your commercial kitchen and to Chef Andrea McDonald, alone with her husband, Michael McDonald for donating the food and their time in preparing the meal for Caring Neighbors Enterprises, Inc. 2nd Annual FREE Pre-Thanksgiving Community Meal.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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